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Erik Prince
American businessman

A former U.S. Navy Seal officer, Erik Prince has since amassed a total net worth of about $2.4 billion dollars with his various business ventures especially in the military sector. Radner has been a controversial figure because of his political ties and audacious business schemes.

Income Source of Erik Prince

Prince’s company Blackwater USA was once world’s largest private military company in the world. He had signed multiple multi-million dollar contracts with various agencies including the U.S. government to conduct many specialized missions.

Prince owns 25% share of Austrian Aviation Company called Airborne Technologies and also heads a private equity firm called Frontier Resource Group. He planned to build a diesel refinery in South Sudan which was halted by the national Government of South Sudan. Prince has invested huge amount of money on various other industries all over the continent of Africa.

Career and Achievements of Erik Prince

Prince worked under George W. Bush’s administration as a low-level intern in 1990 but left the position to work with Californian governor Dana Rohrabacher. He also worked in the US Navy.

The 1994 Rwandan Genocide prompted Prince to form Blackwater. The company became synonymous with military excellence and had already amassed a total of $2 billion dollars from contracts in the time period from 1997-2010. He had previously been running his father’s company until his mother sold the company in 1996. .

Prince was hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to train a large body of foreign troops for his nation. He subsequently moved to Abu Dhabi and helped UAE to establish R2 or Reflex Responses. He owns 51% of the total local share.

After the selling of Blackwater in 2010, Prince started leading an equity firm that primarily invests in the natural resources industry of Africa. His companies also advise China on its various investments in Africa.

He also wrote a book titled “Civilian Warriors: The Inside Story of Blackwater and the Unsung Heroes of the War …” which was published on November 2013.

Relationships of Erik Prince

Prince’s first wife was Joan Nicole with whom he was married to until her death in 2003.

After the death of his wife, rumors started circulating about him being in an affair with the nanny of his children. He confirmed the rumors and got married to the nanny, Joanna Ruth Prince on 2004. The couple stayed married till.

Prince has since remarried. His third wife, Stacy DeLuke was a spokeswoman for Blackwater.

Personal Life of Erik Prince

Prince was born into a wealthy family. His father Edgar D. Prince was the founder of Prince Corporation. He was the youngest of 4 children. His older sister is United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. He resides in Abu Dhabi as of 2018.

Prince has a total of seven children from his three marriages. His first wife introduced him to Catholicism and he has been an active practitioner since.

Prince has called himself a libertarian. He supported Republican Candidate Donald Trump for 2016 Presidential Elections.

Prince was also a part of a covert CIA task force. His name was leaked to the public and he has since accused CIA director Leon Panetta of conspiring to out his name.