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Km Sears is a British artist and illustrator. She is well known for her pet portrait business Brushes and Paws. Apart from that, she is also famous for her hyper-realistic works of dogs, cats, horses, and all sorts of animals in between.

Name Kim Sears
Date of Birth December 10, 1987
Net Worth $85 million
Height5 Feet & 7 Inch
SposueAndy Murray
ChildrenSophia Olivia Murray

Early Life of Km Sears

Kim was born on October 10, 1987, in Barcombe, an East Sussex village in England, to British tennis coach Nigel Sears and his wife, Leonore Sears. Kim’s brother, Scott Sears, began his career as a junior tennis player but failed to make a mark. He later joined the ‘Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.’

Kim attended the ‘Burgess Hill School‘ and studied art for most of her school years. A meritorious student, Kim scored an ‘A’ in music, drama, and art in her A-levels. She then attended ‘Sussex University‘ and majored in English literature. While studying, Kim also worked at a shop in Brighton to support her finances.

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Career of Km Sears

Following her graduation, she struggled for about 2 years to find a suitable job due to the recession at that time. She initially concentrated on retail-sector jobs. However, she later realized that her true forte lay in arts.

Kim is a perfect example of a combination of an artistic mind and a caring heart. Her art reflects her love for animals, especially dogs. She also trades her paintings.

Kim is known for her animal portraits. She mostly paints pictures of her family pets, including her own two dogs. Kim creates still-life portraits and paints portraits of people, too. Kim owns a website where she blogs and showcases and promotes her artwork. She also posts her paintings on her ‘Instagram’ account, ‘@brushesandpaws.’ Some of her notable artworks are ‘Monty,’ ‘Stroppy Cow,’ and a 4-foot-wide portrait of a young Hungarian Vizsla. The last work was a wedding present. Kim has created a 6-foot-by-4-foot painting of her two Border Terriers, namely, Maggie Mayhem and Rusty Rascal. Maggie was gifted to Kim on her 21st birthday by her then-boyfriend, Andy Murray.

In 2012, Kim went to the ‘Royal Academy’ to attend a David Hockney exhibition named ‘A Bigger Picture.’ She was inspired to see the paintings drawn on an iPad. Kim loved the beautiful amalgamation of art and technology and decided to experiment with the technique. She then drew a portrait of a spaniel, which marked her first digitally created artwork. Kim usually turns photographs clicked by her into portraits.

Kim has authored a book titled ‘How to Look after Your Humans: A Dog’s Guide.’ The book is heavily inspired by her owns experiences with Maggie. She wishes to write more books on the well-being of animals. In 2014, Kim participated in a marathon and raised £13,251.53 for ‘Malaria No More,’ a non-profit organization that works to end the hazardous disease malaria. Apart from focusing on her artwork, Kim is also working on her animal-rehabilitation plans.

She has contributed a lot for the well-being of animals and is now regarded as one of the best pet therapists of her time.

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Net Worth of Km Sears

Kim Sears’s net worth is not known exactly, but as per sources in 2017, her net worth is around $85 million which is great. She is working on more projects to increase her net worth and also her husband Andy Murray is doing the effort to increase this amount.

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Personal Life of Km Sears

Kim is married to popular tennis star Andy Murray. She was just 17 when she first met Andy at the ‘US Summer Open’ in New York in August 2005. The two were introduced to each other by Kim’s father. Some sources claim that it took some time for Andy to woo her love interest.

While they dated, Kim and Andy always kept their relation away from the media spotlight. Their affair grabbed media headlines after Andy won his first tournament (the ‘SAP Open’) in 2006. The winning match was held in San Jose, California, and Andy had jumped over an advertising hoarding to kiss Kim as a gesture to celebrate the victory. In 2008, Andy and Kim moved in together in an apartment in southwest London. The same year, in June, Kim gave Andy a makeover by changing his hairstyle. Andy’s mother later praised Kim for the gesture. In May 2009, the lovebirds moved to a six-bedroom home in Oxshott, Surrey, bought by Andy for £5million. Unfortunately, they broke up a few months later.

In November 2009, Kim and Andy announced their break-up, and she moved back to her parents with Maggie. Reports suggested that the break-up was an amicable one. However, no specific reason was given. Sources indicated Andy’s addiction to video games and his inability to spend enough time with Kim were the prime reasons for the break-up.

A few months later, in April 2010, Kim and Andy reconciled their differences and moved in together again. Andy later acknowledged that he was grateful to have Kim in his life and also stated that his tennis performances were hampered during their split. After dating for 9 years, Andy and Kim got engaged in November 2014. They revealed the news after a week of the engagement.

The two finally got married on April 11, 2015, at the ‘Dunblane Cathedral.’ The wedding was followed by a reception held at Andy’s ‘Cromlix House’ hotel. Their first child, their daughter Sophia Olivia, was born in February 2016.

In July 2017, the power couple announced Kim’s second pregnancy. On November 8, 2017, Kim delivered another baby girl. About 10 months later, Kim and Andy revealed their younger daughter’s name, Edie. Kim and Andy now live in Oxshott, Surrey.

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Facts of Km Sears

  • Sears is the person who is very near to nature. She loves to work with animals and taking care of them.
  • Kim Sears has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Likewise, her eye color is blue, while she has a brown hair color.

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