Overview- Seasons of Game of Thrones

An American novelist and short story writer George Raymond Martin wrote stories in different genres like fantasy, horror and science fiction. The famous epic fantasy novel he wrote is “A Song of Ice and Fire”. HBO adopted this novel to create the series “Game of Thrones”.

There are eight seasons of this series.

Short synopsis of the series

Once Targaryen dynasty ruled over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. They controlled this kingdom with the help of the dragon. But later dragons were extinct and Robert Baratheon got victory over Targaryens. This series is all about the battles of seven kingdoms for Iron Thrones, mainly between the Targaryens, Starks, Lannisters and other characters.

Overviews of the series

Season 1

Robert Baratheon the king married to Cersei. Queen Cersei had her twin, Jaime. Once Cersei and Jaime had an incestuous relationship. Chief administrator Ned’s son Bran saw Cersei and Jaime’s relationship. So Jaime tried to kill Bran by pushing him down the tower. Cersei killed Robert by poisoning him. Ned was beheaded. From the far east, Daenerys Targaryen raised, with three baby dragons.

Season 2

Ramsay Bolton captured Winterfell, Stark’s house. Jon Snow was Ned’s bastard son. Jon falls in love with a wilding Ygritte. As Roberts brothers Stannis and Renly both wanted to be the king, Stannis killed Renly. Melisandre, a Red woman who had the magical powers helped Stannis to kill Renly.

Season 3

The Lannister commands to kill Robb Starks, his wife Talisa, Catelyn and other armies. They were killed at the wedding. The wedding was organized by Lord Walder Frey. Theon Greyjoy betrays Starks but Ramsay captured this and he tortures Theon.

Season 4

King Joffery got poisoned on his wedding day. It was another murder wedding day. Tyrion Lannister was blamed for that. But Tyrion Lannister escaped prison and was on the run. Sansa Stark was also on the run. She was joined by Petyr Baelish. In the east Daenerys built a huge army and plans to recapture Westeros.

Season 5

The storyline of season five of “Game of Thrones” was followed by the land of Westeros. And the next storyline is continued in another continent which is known was Essos. In this season king Joffrey Baratheon and Tywin Lannister dies. Tyrion runs and travel to Essos after killing his father Tywin Lannister. He meets with Daenerys Targargen who was trying to balance her political aim. Lannister family was trying to cope with Tywin and Joffrey’s deaths. Unfortunately they were encountering Jon Snow a new enemy. The remaining Stark Children were facing new hardship.

Season 6

In this season, the viewers come to see the struggle between the Starks and other noble family members of Westeros. The struggle was for the Iron Throne. Bolton forces had been defeated by the Starks  in the Battle of the Bastard. Jon Snow became the king in the North. Meereen had been  attemped to be ruled by Tyrion. Margaery had been attempted to be liberated by the Tyrell army. Cersei had been crowned Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Tommen committed suicide. Wllaria Sand seize control of Dorne. Daenerys Targaryen burns Khals alike and takes control over Dothraki.

Season 7

With armies and three dragons Daenerys Targaryen arrived in Westeros. They began to wage war against the Lannisters. Jon Snow continued trying to defeat the Army of Dead. He tried to unite his force with Daenerys to fight against the White Walker army.


Season 8

Here in this season, we can see the culmination of two conflicts. One is the Great war against the army of the Dead and the other is Last War for the achievement of the Iron Throne. In the first half, many characters converge at the Winterfell to repel Night King. In the second half queen, Daenerys Targaryen fought to unseat queen Cersei Lannister from her Seven Kingdoms where Cersei was ruling.

In the Great War, at the end, Night King had been killed by Arya, sister of Sansa and she took out thousands of Night King’s armies in a stroke. And in the Last War, Daenerys decided to destroy the Iron Throne for the goodness of the world. Dragon directs its flames at the Iron Throne and melts it down.

Dragon destroyed the thrones after death of Daenerys

Finally, Brandon Stark became the king of Six kindoms and North became independent and Sansa Stark is the queen of North. Jon snow join night watch again. Arya stark choose to became traveller. Finally Stark Family came into the power.